PAWsonal Statistics

Born: 7 June 2021

Dam: Daina, Sire: Vista

Siblings: Aidon, Alma, Archer, Atlas, Ava, Axel & Nelson.

Fun facts: Aspen is a sweet girl who loves to greet her family at the door with a toy, shoe, sock or anything else she can find, and then runs away to get a game of chase underway. She loves to do zoomies, cuddle and to proudly carry her food bowl around when she's done eating!


September 2023, the "S" Litter: Sebastian, Serge, Sia, Sunny, Suzy, Aileen, Gerry & Hunter.

Sire: Keno

A black Labrador is lying inside a whelping pen feeding her 8 newborn puppies.

January 2023, the "Y" Litter: Yana, Yax, Yazzy, Yeti, Yulu, Yumi & Ross.

Sire: Phantom