A black labrador lying on brown carpet with a white indiscriminate soft toy between its front paws.

PAWsonal Statistics

Born: 16 July 2021

Dam: Betsy, Sire: Phantom

Siblings: Callie, Cinder, Denby & Sharyn

Fun Facts: Cruz is an energetic lad who walks around 7 km per day. He attracts attention everywhere he goes with his cute swagger and wiggly butt, endearing him to everyone he meets. Cruz is so popular around town that the local cafe even awarded him his very own t-shirt - a cunning marketing ploy, we thinks!

Cruz' puppy raiser tells us that he used not to be a fan of water but no longer! We are told that he has recently taken to "hijacking random people on paddle boards and kayaks", and will invite himself up onto said boards for a ride! Who could deny those big brown eyes and that cute wiggling butt, we ask you?!


A black Labrador wearing a black t-shirt with the words The Hungry Monkey printed on its back in white.
A yellow Labrador and a black Labrador lying side by side on the grass.

Left: Cruz wearing his cafe t-shirt.

Right: Cruz with his mum, Betsy.