Additional Information

Additional Information.

To be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket veterinary expenses please complete the Expense Claim Form and return it to your Puppy Development Advisor. Please include your banking details and email address in the notes section to ensure that you receive your reimbursement as soon as possible.

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Before you embark upon reading the Successive Training and Enrichment Program, let us set the scene. Prior to our new Puppy Raisers viewing this website, they will attend an Education Session, where Guide Dog Staff will be able to advise them on how use STEP, and which sections to read first. Because you miss this step, we wanted to provide you with a bit of information to help you navigate the site, as future Puppy Raisers will. We will be delivering this program in three separate age-related education sessions; 0-4 months, 4-8 months, 8 months – Guide Dog Assessment. At the end of each education session, Puppy Raisers will be directed to the STEP website. There are 4 main sections within STEP: Dogs Skills Relationship Skills House Manners Socialisation We suggest starting with Relationship Skills, as this will give you a great introduction to building a connection with a new pup, which is essential! Then, for each of the 3 other sections (Dog Skills, House Manners, and Socialisation), there is a set of Handbooks, broken down into the different age groups for the pup. You will find these as the first hyperlink (which is just a fancy name for a link from one section in a document to another document), in each section. New Puppy Raisers will start by reading the 0-4 month Handbooks in each of the 3 sections. These Handbooks list the skills that the pup will need to learn in that given time period (e.g. Sit, Drop, Check In, etc. in the 0-4 month age category), and the PR can then refer back to the main section (e.g. Dog Skills) on the STEP website, and read the full description for that particular skill. Eager Puppy Raisers can of course go ahead and read the other sections in STEP prior to their pup reaching the age it is expected they will learn the skill, but it is not a requirement. If you have any issues navigating the website, please contact your Puppy Development Advisor.

This is a quick and easy reference to the different verbal cues and hand signals used within STEP. Download STEP Skills Cheat Sheet (PDF).

Two 6 week old yellow labrador pups walking towards the camera on the grass.