The Final Countdown!


Good Morning Everyone!
You’ll be pleased to know that it is the penultimate day of Pawgust, and you will only receive one more update from me … this year!
I am so proud of our team of 52 people who have raised $32,545 to date which is, I think, a remarkable achievement. NB: The image below was taken at 9am today and already the total has risen!

We have now been pipped at the post by the Victorians however, the person who is on top of the individual leaderboard is on the Victorian team and she has single handedly raised $22,037 of their current $33,726 so I think we can hold our heads high and proudly say we are coming an honourable 2nd!

Of course, it’s not over until the once-fat-but-now-incredibly-trim puppy barks! We still have 2 days to improve on our effort so if you were thinking of contributing to a colleague’s effort or asking your friends and family to support you, there’s still time! The Guide Dogs Centre Team will, of course, happily receive any donation no matter how big or small!

A cartoon image of a Guide Dog puppy on an orange background. Below in white print on a black background is a slider showing $32,514 of $50,000 raised. Text reads "Please help us reach our goal."

Last Week

A fundraising thermometer showing $30752 of the $50000 target raised.

This Week

A fundraising thermometer showing $32545 of the $50000 target raised.